Chef's Satchel

Leather knife roll and best quality canvas apron


Chef’s Satchel came about when I was at the peak of my career, working under the best chefs in Vancouver. The thrill, the robust responsibilities during busy service, is what I loved and what I woke up for every single day. As any chef would say, you have to be passionate enough to be in this industry, and not many make it till the end.

Day and night, chefs all over the world are working long hours and putting in their passion into what they love – making food! I found that we did not necessarily have the best quality chef gear. Whether it was chef aprons or chef coats or leather knife rolls. Day in and day out, I’d see chefs with not much enthusiasm at work, or personality when putting on their chef coats or aprons, or even for that matter, carrying their knives to work every day.

I decided to start this company to help and promote confidence and self-respect among chefs all over the world. From a students in the culinary institutes, to the head chefs at Michelin Star restaurants, chefs should feel good about what they put on and about what they carry. We at Chef’s Satchel use top grain leather to make our leather knife bag as well as aprons. We use the best material for our chef coats and chef aprons. We style the coats and aprons according the current and latest trends in the market. We are working every day to bring the best quality chef apparel to all the hardworking chefs out there!

Top Quality Leather Knife Rolls

 A store by a Chef for Chefs - High-Quality Chef apparel at the best possible rates. Our leather knife rolls are handmade, stylish and extremely durable. It takes an entire team of artisans to make a single leather knife roll by hand

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5 Star RatingThis knife roll is absolutely beautiful and perfect! I bought this for my birthday and once I got it in the mail I was 10x more excited! The quality and attention to detail are stunning. I will definitely purchase from this shop again. Also, I got the package a lot sooner than I expected to which is also a plus! I highly recommend this business.
5 Star RatingThis is one of the best knife rolls I have used, in my years of experience in the kitchen. The quality of this leather is luxurious and looks very classy.
5 Star RatingI would recommend this to any students and chefs that are looking for a stylish bag to carry their knives/tools. Overall, very happy with this product!